How to overcome a heartbreak

The topic of my blog is quite controversial at the same time important and related to every other person . A lot of people don’t know how to manage themselves or how to unlove someone if they have left you , got missed , Cheated on you or any other thing . In simple words the important person in your life . you use to believe you love them is no longer with you is a immense state of pain . Today’s world also call it a heartbreak . It happen quite often around us or with us . Many of you don’t know how to overcome it .

They are gone now

Believe the fact that they are gone now and you can’t hold the person in your life who is not supposed to be in your life . There are many things which you can see and things which you can’t see . But Allah have seen everything and he knows you more than any other person in the world . He knows what you hide in the deepest ocean of your heart . He knows what you like and what you not and above all he knows where your happiness lies and what’s best for you . Trust me believe in the fact that Allah loves you more than 70 mothers. Yes 70 MOTHERS read it again . How you wonder he will not give you what you and your heart wants most . Did your mother ever denied your dearest wish ? No ! it’s only one mother love and imagine he loves you more than 70 mothers how can he denies your wish? So believe in him and ask for patience he will bless you what will be best for you .

You are created in pairs

it’s not me who said this but Allah himself have said this in Quran “And we created you in pairs” (78:8 Quran )

See every human being is made for other human the one who will be your partner . He created us in pairs don’t cry over someone who is not in your life anymore but wait for someone who is your real life partner and the one who is chosen by Allah for you . That partner will be a blessing for you not the one who makes you cry for hours . And the best part of the life partner is the fact that you two will remain one forever even in Jannah you will be reunited again after death .

Heal yourself

It’s you who will take care of yourself and your family and your loyal friends no one other than that . Heal yourself, revive your heart as soon as possible because if you will stay in the prison of memories and throwbacks of past you will be in pain only . Future hold so much good things for you if you have faith in it . Look upto your present make your present better . Spend your time with family . Spend time in creative things which give you peace and contentment. You deserve happiness and nothing else keep in mind .

If someone is written for you no one can take it from you

Yes you heard it correct if something or someone is in your fate no one can take it from you and if something or someone is not in your fate no one can give it to you . Trust in your fate and have patience you will get the one who is made for you . The one who Allah created for you . Beautiful isn’t it ? Someone is in this world who is made for you ? Just wait and have patience . Every pain , heartbreak and sadness will fade away one day .

The right one will be with you

One day the time will come when you will be thankful to Allah for everything you have in your life . Start to pray for a good life partner Allah listen to prayers . Make a strong connection with Allah and he will not disappoint you

I pray for your peace and happiness whoever is reading this . May Allah bless you with the best

3 proper ways to get rid of depression

In today’s era , where everything is going so fast and disastrously and one have no time to think or unable to find out what is going in your life and what actually your life is . Even thinking about life and it’s problem give us a headache, anxiety and than depression

Why it’s important to treat you depression?

Depression can swallow your happiness like nothing else . One don’t feel any happy to do anything . Nothing excites him/her anymore . So it’s good to treat it when it’s acute . It will improve your quality of life .

1) Namaz

As well you all know how namaz treats depression, it’s the food of soul if someone have distant himself from the name of Allah and namaz he will start feeling a void in his heart which will not be fulfilled unless you start taking the name of Allah . Namaz is the communication between Allah and You . If you disconnect this communication you will be lost and when you will be lost you will go in depression. Start Performing your Salah regularly and than compare your life before and after salah . You will know the difference.

Bow in front of Allah and Allah will not let you bow infront of others

2) Al – Duha

Surat Duha is the ninety-third chapter of Quran with 11 verses. It itself is know as anti – depressant due to its healing power . Surat Duha was revealed on our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) when he was surrounded by problems and didn’t had any revelation for straight six months which was upsetting for him where our Prophet Muhammad (P.BU.H) felt that Allah has forgotten him or maybe angry from him . We sometimes feel like this too . Sad , depressed and negative. So Surat Duha is basically for anyone of us who is suffering from any of these feelings .

3) Meditation

Meditation help to vanish away the symptoms of depression. The main cause of depression is human own thinking and dark thoughts which took over you . Meditation not only physically but mentally help your health to be in perfect foam . Furthermore it also helps to regulate your blood pressure and blood flow which produce certain hormones ( Every kind of especially healthy one’s) .

Start meditating and compare your life quality before meditation and after meditation

Do let me know in comments about your experience of depression and how you get rid of it ?

The powerful word “WALLAHUL MUSTAN”

Well let me give u the introduction of word Mustan .

Mustan means “The one who’s help is sough” and wallahul mustan means “Allah is the one who’s help is sought “

Subhan’Tallah what a powerful word and do u know where it is mentioned ?

It was first said by Prophet Yaqoob (Alaihis salam) when his evil sons came lying at his face showing false blood on the shirt of hazrat yusuf( A.S) .

“And they brought upon his shirt false blood. [Yaqoob] said, “Rather, your souls have enticed you to something, so patience is most fitting. And Allah is the one sought for help against that which you describe.” (Surah Yusuf: 12: 18)

Secondly , it was said by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) when the unbeliever utter blasphemy.

“[The Prophet] has said, “My Lord, judge [between us] in truth. And our Lord is the Most Merciful, the One Whose help is sought against that which you describe.” (Surah al Anbiyaa: 21: 112)

See two times when the beloved prophet felt helpless they ask Allah from help because they know and believe that only Allah is the one who can solve all the problems and he is the Turner or hearts and everything is under his divinity.

That’s a advise or just a recommendation whoever is reading this blog and he is suffering from any problematic thing or he want to persue something . Or he want to turn on right path . Or he want to have clarity in his affair or anything which he doubt , which his heart wants or which upset him try reciting this word powerful word wallahul mustan it will help you to come out of any difficulty or situation.

Furthermore I also read a girl story which I will attach here so u will know how great this word is

Do let me know in comments your personal experience about Wallahul mustan .